Jason Collins Gets Support From NBA Players On Twitter

jason collins

Jason Collins, the first gay athlete in any of the four major sports in the United States, has seen a lot of support from his fellow NBA players on Twitter.

Collins has been in the NBA for 12 years and has played for numerous teams. He once joked that you could play “Six Degrees of Jason Collins.” Collins said: “If you’re in the league, and I haven’t been your teammate, I surely have been one of your teammates’ teammates. Or one of your teammates’ teammates’ teammates.”

Collins was also praised by Doc Rivers.

The 12-year NBA veteran was also praised by commissioner David Stern.

Collins’ announcement today is a big step forward for the LGBT community. The sports world has been plagued with homophobia for years but that barrier has now been broken. After Collins’ announcement, players from around the league vocalized their support.

Of course, NBA players aren’t the only ones proud of Jason Collins today. The 12-year center has also received messages of support form movie stars like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, politicians like Nancy Pelosi, and athletes like Michael Strahan.

Collins has seen a lot of support from the NBA and his former players, as well as several other celebrities, but that doesn’t mean that Collins won’t face any challenges. The NBA veteran wrote on Twitter that he hopes that he can handle the challenges that he might face in the future.

It looks like the NBA has his back.



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