J.K. Rowling “Scools” Trump on Twitter Over Fake News Tweet

J.K. Rowling "Scools" Trump on Twitter Over Fake News Tweet

As the President of the United States, Donald Trump gets plenty of retweets, but one in particular is getting the internet’s attention. On Sunday, Trump lamented “fake news” on Twitter, referencing The New York Times story that White House Counsel Don Mcgahn was assisting with Robert Mueller’s Russia probe. 

Now, J.K. Rowling has tweaked Trump’s latest Twitter tirade, and the end result is making the internet laugh out loud.

With the update more closely resembling the handiwork of a five-year-old than the grown-man Trump is supposed to be, it’s pretty clear what point Rowling was trying to make. Although, the Harry Potter writer has been a long-time critic of Trump.

In July, Rowling tweeted a quote from Lewis Carroll’s 1871 novel ‘Through The Looking-Glass’ to the 72-year-old, after the President’s infamous “collusion is not a crime” post.

She has also previously mocked Trump’s never-ending typos

Rowling has been politically active for many years, and uses Twitter to connect with her fans and to champion various causes. In the past she has used the platform to speak out against homophobia and racism, and to answer fan queries about the HP universe.

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