It’s National Beer Day And Here Are Four Ridiculous Brews To Try

National Beer Day is upon us again and these are the wildest beers that you can drink.

National Beer Day marks a date of drinking and talking about beers like we know something about them. As I’ve grown up, I’ve shifted my tastes from terrible cans of water with a touch of alcohol to IPAs that have the advantage of stronger tastes and the disadvantage of crippling hangovers if I make the mistake of getting too cavalier. We’ve all heard rumors about the strange tasting beers, though we’ve never actually encountered any of them. So next time you’re out at your favorite pub or bar try ordering one of these.

1.) Rogue/Voodoo Doughnut – Bacon Maple Ale
Rogue is a brewery in Ashland, Oregon and they partnered with eclectic Portland Coffeeshop “Voodoo Doughnut” to produce this bacon ale. It might be great for your breakfast and a great way to start National Beer Day, but I’d hesitate to try it in the evening.

2.) Right Brain Brewery – Mangalitsa Pig Porter
This one is a bit freaky, it’s made once a year with actual pig brains. According to their website, it tastes “similar to taking a soft pretzel, wrapping it in ham, and dipping it chocolate.” This is one for the bravest of us.

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3.) Brewdog – The End of History
London Brewery Brewdog’s “The End of History” beer isn’t so much a drink as a work of art. Unfortunately, you can’t actually buy these right now, they’re sold out but we just had to include this one. The beers are served in the body of roadkill, so usually squirrels wearing black tie attire. When they were selling it, the beer was a 50% ABV blonde ale and cost around $750.

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4.) Dogfish Head – Birra Etrusca Bronze
Dogfish Head’s Birra Etrusca is made with the same ingredients that are found in the drinking flasks of 2,800 year old Roman tombs. The owner of the brewery traveled to Rome and analyzed the ingredients so that they could get it right. Dogfish’s main pub is right down the street from my house and I’ve seen countless people enjoying this brew and I’m sure I’ll see a ton tonight for National Beer Day.

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