Is Pinterest As Popular As Twitter? You Seem To Think So


Facebook is still king of the social world. Twitter is close behind, and sites like Pinterest and Tumblr are picking up. But new survey results might indicate that the balance of power is shifting online.

According to the latest study by Pew, Pinterest has picked up so much steam that it rivals Twitter in terms of user preference.

As of 2012, Twitter attracts 16% of social media users, with Pinterest following closely at 15%.. Facebook is still the champ, and Tumblr sits at around 6%.

The survey results also reflect demographic interest, with Instagram boasting more female users, Latinos, and Africa-Americans. Pinterest still attracts mostly women, adults under 50, and whites. However, Pinterest is equally popular among different age demographics: 19% of younger users and people 30-49 use the site, despite yielding the largest gender difference out of its social peers. Twitter is most popular among urban populations.

Overall, young people still dominate the social sphere. About 83% of young adults are more likely to use social networking than older demographics.

Though Twitter users have doubled over the past two years, Pinterest is quickly catching up.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Pinterest? Would you say you pin as often as you tweet? Sound off!

Here are Pew’s findings:

Kokou Adzo

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