Is it Official? Kanye West’s Intentions for his Presidential Run

Together with the fireworks for the Independence Day weekend, the latest explosive Hollywood news involves no one else but the controversial Kanye West. The famous celebrity has revealed his plans for a presidential run. Originally planned for 2024, he has stated that he is actually going to run for the 2020 Presidential elections in November. The odd announcement may not have surprised the world, but people are unsure how to process the new information.

Realistically, Can Kanye West Still Run for President?

Considering all facts, Kanye West is qualified to run for president. He has a popularity to beat and the money to fund a campaign. For one thing, he can’t run for either party (Democratic or Republican) because these have already set their bets into the polls. In any case, he would have to run as an independent candidate.

However, there are questions on whether Kanye West can still run for president. This is especially since he announced his run less than six months before the Presidential Elections. Has he filed his application for the presidency? Is a public statement enough to be a part of the ballots? In many reports, it would seem that West has not yet submitted any application nor forms to actually formalize his presidential run. He may be serious, but developments to this story are still to be awaited.

Most importantly, presidential primaries had been held in a total of 13 states throughout the country. This includes New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Florida, Kentucky, Nebraska, Maryland, and Wyoming. This means Wests’ inclusion in these ballots are impossible as deadlines have already passed. Losing votes from these states already matter and the poll leaders are already clear.

Why is He Running for President, anyway?

This is not the first time that Kanye West announced to the public that he has a desire to run for president. Originally, in 2018, he declared that this is a part of his ‘vision’ for 2024. This is why people are surprised and appalled by his sudden changes in plans. There are multiple hoaxes floating around the internet that theorizes on West’s reasons behind running for the presidency. Here are some of them:

  • As an avid supporter of incumbent President Trump, there are rumors that he plans to run for the presidency for the benefit of the latter. He allegedly thinks that getting his name on the ballots will surely reduce votes for Trump’s competitors, ensuring a win for President Trump.
  • With his sudden bouts of surprising news and controversy, there are allegations that Kanye West is simply using this to fuel the popularity and demand of his new album.

America’s Reaction to Kanye West’s Presidential Run

There are multiple tweets showing support for Kanye, praising his talents, and his God-given gifts. Among his supporters is Elon Musk, who seems to be a close friend.

Another supporter is Mark Cuban who even said he will vote West ahead of Donald Trump.

Although many popular figures and celebrities support Kanye West, there are also countless others which baffled by the news. Some have turned the presidential run announcement into hilarity, indicating that we must be thankful for Kanye’s music and talent. Because of this, we must let him be for his sudden bouts of weirdness.

Others were absolutely appalled by the announcement and won’t even let Kanye benefit from being re-tweeted.

There are also some people who even pointed out reasons why Kanye should not win, nor even run, for president.

Kanye West Likelihood of Winning the Presidential Run

It is unclear whether West already filed his presidential run, but critics and experts are already looking at the odds of him winning. The results? The odds do not look to be in his favor. In fact, even with his goals of eventually reducing the votes for competitors, it would seem that he would not even make a significant dent in favor of Trump. Many Americans might not even take this announcement seriously because there seems to be no finality to his decision. Until the official ballots have his name, the Kanye West Presidential Run remains a distraction to more important news.

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