Cockfights are streamed online as cockpits stay closed due to COVID-19


Cockfights may have halted due to COVID-19 lockdown, however, cockfight enthusiasts have moved the gambling pastime onto the internet instead.

Police officials in Cagayan de Oro said the aficionados have taken the centuries-old hobby to the realm of social media and law disciplinarians are finding it hard to nab them. Major Ivan Vinas, the spokesman of the Cagayan de Oro City Police Office, stated: “Online cockfighting involves only four or five persons. There is no crowd of bettors. How can you catch them?” Vinas claimed in online cockfighting, the two persons that are present discharge the gamecocks, and both individuals record the blood sport’s live-action with their cell phones.

Vinas alleged bettors watch the fight-to-the-death on social media via Google Meet, Facebook, and other apps online. “We are still investigating how they do this because this is new to us. It is much unlike the tare-tare or tigbakay where there is a big crowd,” add Vinas. The spokesman said law enforcement teams have attempted to bust the gamblers though the raids were all unsuccessful. He explained gamblers on the web are staging the cockfights on building rooftops, in vacant warehouses, and in their own backyards even, making it tough for the cops to detect.

“In reality, they can hold it anywhere. The cockfighting is very private,” Vinas added. According to a local devotee, “Ben,” with online cockfighting, owners of game fowl agree to a match by Viber, an online app, phone, or text. “Usually these gamefowl owners know each other. They match their fighting cocks by showing pictures and videos via Viber,” Ben told reporters under terms that he would not be identified. Since the owners are familiar with one another, only a few persons would have knowledge about the anticipated fight that would occur online.


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