Internet Raves About the Newest Pasta Shape, And They Can’t Get Enough

Image source: Sporkful Website

The newest pasta shape, the cascatelli, is more than just a gimmick. Taking three years of meticulous thought, design, and engineering, the makers of the cascatelli seems to take pasta quite seriously. Dan Pashman, who runs a podcast aptly named The Sporkful, is the brains behind this newest pasta shape and he is pretty much known as an avid pasta critic. He has recorded the three-year ordeal of creating the pasta in a five-episode series on his podcast entitled Mission: ImPASTAble. 

We all know that each kind of pasta has its own, unique characteristic. And perhaps, for Pashman, no pasta in existence just combines all these unique characteristics. So he collaborated with a popular American pasta maker, Sfoglini to make all his pasta dreams come true.

The shape feels and looks like all the great pasta shapes combined in one. The newest pasta shape is half a tube, which gives it almost equal sauce-holding power as a rigatoni. To improve on that sauce-holding madness, the cascatelli is also bent like a giant macaroni. It is also designed with ruffles on either side to give that farfalle texture. Everyone is simply impressed. There is currently a long waiting time (almost 12 weeks!) on the stocks. The internet can’t stop raving about it, here are some of the best praises for the cascatelli:

Yup, 12 weeks for the next batch

Got 12 weeks to think up some recipes

The measures of ‘forkability’ and ‘toothsinkability’

The ‘sauce through’ for max ‘sauceability’

It’s here, the wait is over!

Got to get some hate too, you know

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