Internet Enraged about Nike’s New ‘Satan Shoes’; Nike Denies Involvement

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American Singer Lil Nas X released a controversial pair of unofficial limited-edition Nikes which he claims to be ‘Satan Shoes’. It was a collaboration work between the singer and a New York-based art collective called MSCHF. Using Nike Air Max 97s, the ‘Satan Shoes’ feature a pentagram and an inverted cross. It is also referenced to bible verse Luke 10:18 about Satan’s fall from heaven.

The Internet Enraged by New Nike ‘Satan Shoes’

It was marketed as a Nike Air Max ’97 that contains 60cc red ink and 1 drop of human blood in its bubble sole. The ‘Satan Shoes’ are said to also only have 666 pairs which are individually numbered. Each pair is sold for a little over a thousand dollars, and they sold out ALMOST IMMEDIATELY. All these sales strategies are so extreme they borderline between unique marketing or pure internet trolling.

However, not everyone is pleased. There is a considerable number of people on the internet that are purely enraged by the idea of ‘Satan Shoes’. Especially since it claims to have used human blood in its design. The singer also received so much backlash not only from the shoe but also from his previous MV release for his song ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name).

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Nike Denies Involvement and Sues Over Satan Shoes

This is actually not the first time that MSCHF released unofficial Nike pairs. Back in 2019, the art collective released the ‘Jesus Shoes’ which featured holy water and a crucifix. The ‘Jesus Shoes’ also was a redesign of Nike Air Max 97s. However, the ‘Satan Shoes’ received more negative reactions with many people online calling for a boycott against Nike.

As the controversial Nikes started to gain popularity over the internet, Nike immediately released a statement denying their involvement. According to their statement, Nike “did not design nor release” and definitely does not ‘endorse them’. In a recent development, Nike filed a trademark infringement suit against MSCHF, but has left out Lil Nas X from the complaint.

Lil Nas X Releases an Apology

Also quite recently, Lil Nas X released a YouTube video of an apology, and the said video received over 3 Million views in less than 24 hours. The singer apologizes to his fans over the new controversy. The apology was released almost as soon as his new (equally controversial) music video was released. However, even this apology video received backlash where critics claim it was a ‘sarcastic way to shut down trolls’.

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