‘Biden Falls’ Memes Viral after President Slips Multiple Times on Airforce One Steps

Image Source: Distractify

President Biden falls and slips multiple times on the Airforce One Steps and PEOPLE ARE GOING CRAZY! What’s the big deal? Some people are hating, while others are making memes just for the fun of it. We are all human, aren’t we? Everyone’s expected to stumble some time in their lives.

However, with the internet being what it is, the incident went instantly viral. Hundreds of memes were created in the next few hours. And let me tell you, the memes do not disappoint! Although let’s be honest, some of the memes are really mean and too personal.

Here are some of the funniest (and some of the meanest) memes as President Biden falls on the steps of Air Force One:

Memes taking a hit on President Biden’s age be like

Some real Biden haters out there

The President partying too much

What Jason Derulo and President Biden have in common, as the internet claims

Let’s give both of them a break, shall we?

Just at the time Russia is challenging him to a debate, this happens?

How could you be blown over by the wind?

Roping in the VP into the memes

The fall wars: Clinton vs. Biden


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