Interesting Revelations about Trump from John Bolton’s New Book


John Bolton’s new book entitled ‘The Room Where it Happened’ had been stirring up quite the attention since it was announced for release last week. Officially released only June 23, the new book seems to threaten the Trump administration as there had been moves to get it unpublished. The request was later on turned down by federal courts stating that it is already too late to release an order to do so. It is clear that the book portrays the president in a bad light, but how critical is it really that the Trump administration are at odds to put the book down and bury it to the ground?

The Allegations

The former National Security Adviser, John Bolton, has released a book sharing stories of his experiences inside the White House during his service between 2018 and 2019. Here are a few of his interesting revelations:

  • Trump, allegedly, supported China in the construction of concentration camps for Uighur Muslims.

  • There are allegations that the US President befriended China’s President Xi Jin Ping to help Trump get re-elected. This is through urging Xi to purchase American agricultural goods so Trump could get good ratings from American farmers.

  • Bolton apparently stated that Trump knows nothing about the war between North and South Korea. He also reports that the President did not understand why the US needed to support the war which happened more than 60 years ago.
  • The former National Security Adviser also alleged that the President of South Korea wanted to ‘join in’ on the summit between the United States and North Korea. Bolton also alleged that North Korea rejected the idea. Such a statement, which the South Korean government accused to be untruthful, has given the South Korean President much embarrassment in his country.

A Hidden Disdain for His Old Boss?

Many critics have now migrated from nitpicking the wrongdoingss of the Trump administration to actually accusing John Bolton of monetizing his position, his knowledge, and the popularity of Trump. Releasing a book to damagingly portray the President, in the midst of the pandemic and the #BlackLivesMatter protests, seem to be unbelievably convenient. Could it just be a simple coincidence?

A number of Americans have expressed their worry that Bolton’s statements on his book could lead to damaging diplomatic ties with several foreign governments. This is especially true after South Korea released a statement somehow debunking Bolton’s accounts of the US-North Korea summit. On the other hand, many Americans seem to support Bolton’s decision to share his story, as he is merely ‘sharing his observations and experiences from inside the White House’.

How Will This Affect Trump on the Elections?

For one, America already knows the kind of leadership Trump manifested during his term. The past few years Trump became president already provided enough meat for Americans to judge and decide whether or not they support him. These interesting revelations on John Bolton’s new book are just pretty much icing on the cake, whether or not these are truthful allegations. A lot of critics even commented that Americans should not be that surprised.

Nevertheless, the book may be controversial to an extent but it will definitely create an unnoticeable dent on the image that the President has in the minds of the Americans. If anything, the danger would be how much damage it could create on the diplomatic ties that the United States has with other countries. There should also be worry about how much it will affect Trump’s relations with other world leaders.

What should be America’s take away on this? Whether or not the former National Security Adviser’s claims are fanciful, everyone should be aware of what the Trump administration can and cannot do. Everyone should be able to assess whether the administration puts Americans first, which is the most important characteristic a leader should have. Also, the actions of the Trump administration these past few years should be enough to judge if its visions are in line with what Americans want for a leader.

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