Instagram Influencer Hammers Historic Statue For Attention

Photo by YouTube/Daily Mail

Negative publicity is still publicity. Teenagers all over the world are learning that fast and it just so happens doing bad deeds for internet attention is easier than doing charitable and useful stuff. One Instagram influencer is, unfortunately, no exception; she even went as far as to vandalize a historic statue in the name of the internet.

The incident happened in Warsaw, Poland and was perpetrated by an Instagram influencer whose name is best left unknown. She was, however, quite young and had nearly 6,000 followers. The girl traveled to a post-war angel statue situated in Swiss Valley Park along with her trusty hammer. Her friend then filmed her smashing the angel statue’s nose:

The said Instagram influencer can be heard laughing before she smashed the angel’s nose off. While there was also vandalism present on the statue, it was pretty much unscathed before she ruined it. Apparently, she’s also a model and she was believed to have done it to attract attention. Instead, she received overwhelming backlash from her fans and other people.

Some viewed what she did as a disrespectful gesture towards historical sites and symbols and a disregard for the work of others. Hence, the actual video has since been deleted and the Instagram influencer even had to delete her Facebook account since people were tracking her down just to bash her.

Rumors are, she has been dropped from her upcoming advertising campaigns and partnerships. Meanwhile, she also issued a public apology for her actions, “I’m so stupid. I will not say what was driving me, why I did it, because it is more of a private affair, but I really want to apologize to everyone,” when translated into English.

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