Innovative Ideas For Designing Nail Polish Boxes For Your Business 

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If painting and decorating your nails was an art, then the women would be the Picassos of it, and there is not a slight doubt about that. Nail polish for ladies is as important as their shoes, hair, or lipstick because they can’t compromise on their beautiful nails and hands. There is a certain amount of ladies out there that can rock plain hands, but it is not the case for every lady. 

Women around the globe love to do different experiments with their nail polish, meaning putting on some vibrant colors or thinking out of the box in designing, and this is a challenge for nail polish businesses because they need to keep up with the trends if they are to stay standing in this gigantic market of nail polishes. 

Women spend a fortune on cosmetics, and nail polishes share a heavy chunk of this budget. Also, some women are more skeptical while shopping for nail polishes than they are while buying more expensive things like a car or a phone. As a nail polish business owner, you will know about the importance of packaging and the impact it can have on your business, not only in the cosmetic niche but also in any other business. 

Packaging is the main marketing tool you have on your hand if you want to sell nail polishes to the ladies. Designing a product packaging for your nail polish might sound fun, but it is not that easy because not every lady has the same taste. The most vital thing you need to do before you start designing the packaging is to study the preferences of your targeted audience. If you are done with that part already, you can get started with the designing process. 

In this blog, you will learn about the innovative design ideas that you might want to implement in your future product packaging. But before getting started on that part, you need to know why custom packaging is important for your nail polish business.

Why Does Your Business Need Custom Packaging? 

The simplest reason you need custom packaging is to stand out from your competitors. This gigantic nail polish industry is estimated to be worth around $15 Billion and is expected to rise by 6 to 8% per annum for the next four years, and if you enter this market with standard packaging, you better be ready to get swallowed by the big boys. 

You need your nail polish boxes to be unique so that they can attract customers to your brand and hopefully get the sales you always dreamt of. Another reason for you to get into the space of custom packaging is that according to a survey, 72% of Americans stated that the product packaging influences their purchase decision. You can visit the  website SupremeX for the best custom boxes.

Innovative Ideas For Your Nail Polish Boxes 

The nail polish bottle has not been changed for years, but what kept this industry booming? Simple, the packaging attracted customers, and this industry kept growing. It might not be the time to change the bottles, but you can get creative and add some flare to your product packaging.

Without any further ado, let’s get started with the ideas.


Plain And Simple 

Trends have been coming and going for centuries, but one thing that has always remained constant is keeping it simple. Keeping it simple never goes out of fashion, but not too simple that it goes unnoticed. Simple in a Louis Vuitton manner, you see that most big brands don’t try to get too funky with their product packaging because they know what works and what doesn’t. If you aren’t able to do this by yourself, you can always count on a professional packaging designer because this is their job. 

Having an attractive logo and name on sophisticated packaging will act like a lady magnet for your nail polish business. Make sure that you do all this packaging with a top-quality material because, as you read above, women are pretty skeptical while shopping for cosmetics, and you don’t want to scare them away with low-quality packaging material.

Have Enough Colors On The Packaging 

Keeping it simple doesn’t mean keeping it boring with two colors on the packaging. You can still pull that off, but that will take some serious expertise. Play with some color combinations that you think can work well in the space. Try and reach a color combination that is simple, sleek, and still appealing to the eyes. If that means blending four to five colors, then so be it.

Same Color Packaging 

This idea means having the product packaging the same color as the nail polish inside the box. This doesn’t mean that you have to make thousands of color combinations for different nail polish colors. You can divide the product packaging into four exact parts and take one of the four parts and color that part in the same color as the nail polish inside. 

This way, you can still use your custom packaging and save customers time. This packaging idea will create an image of your brand that you care about customers’ time. Otherwise, your precious customers might get frustrated if they can’t find the color they are looking for.

Matte Black Color For Your Nail Polish Boxes 

Black has always been a well-liked color whether it is in dress, cars, or other stuff. But, matte black is something different because this color creates a sense of luxury around the product. Matte black nail polish boxes can help you create a luxury vibe around your brand because it is considered a simple, effective, luxury, and elegant color. 

These properties of matte black color can help you effectively design nail polish boxes for your business that don’t scream for attention but are still appealing to the eyes. These are some of a few innovative ideas that you can implement on nail polish boxes for your brand, and hopefully, you found this blog helpful. That’s it for today.


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