8 Tips to Make Your Listing Picture Perfect On Social Media

Posting beautiful images of your listing on your social media can help your home stand out from other houses on sale. With most people spending more and more time on their phones, a great picture of your home is not just worth a thousand likes;  it can help you reach a larger target audience. 

1.Schedule Your Shoot for Early Morning or Late Afternoon

Picking the right time to take photos of your listing can have you taking professional-looking pictures that look impressive on your social media like Orlando home buyers. You should try to schedule your shoots to start early in the morning or late afternoon when the sun is closest to the horizon.

The golden hours of dusk are perfect for great shots of your home’s exterior. During the golden hours of early morning or late afternoon, you can get bright sun for taking photos of your house’s interior. As you learn to schedule photo shoots for better photos for your social media marketing, remember to always wipe your camera lenses to avoid finding unclear photos because of dust or smudges on your camera lens.

2.Prepare Your Listing Unit Before You Start Shooting

Before you begin taking pictures of the house on sale, you should take a moment to walk through the unit and check for any surprises that may interfere with your shoot or some inspiration for certain shots. Having things like a stack of boxes in the dining room or dusty windows can interfere with your capability to capture the details of your home. As you analyze the house, you can note down areas you can take vignette shots of, for example, a cozy seating area or an interesting art that oozes charm.

Focus on composing pictures that make your home look beautiful as you shoot. For example, you could take pictures of the house’s stunning light fixtures as a way to get people to stop scrolling and check out your home on your social media. Try including shots of trendy or beautiful details in your home to draw attention away from the flaws of the house and raise your chances of getting a buyer.

3.Create a Shot List Based on Your Walk-through 

Since the exterior of the house is an important shot for advertising your house on your social media, taking multiple shots before and after your shoot can raise your chances for a  golden hour shot of the unit’s exterior. Try to capture at least three angles of the house as well as any vignettes you took note of during your walk-through of the house. If you don’t plan your list of shots you highly likely won’t be able to achieve quality trendy shots that can make your listings trend on social media.

4.Use a Tripod Stand

A tripod is an essential tool for taking great pictures of your home unit for social media. Utilizing a tripod during your shoot can help you take multiple pictures from the exact same height or angle and reduce your odds of taking a blurry image. Nowadays there are many kinds of tripods for multiple needs and devices with some even having built-in levels to make sure your photos are straight.

A simple tripod can make your house photos more focused and consistent or even double as a stand for lights or 3D cameras. Professional photographers spend a lot of money on tripods to make taking consistently great pictures much easier so you shouldn’t skimp on getting a tripod even if you are using your phone for the photoshoot. You should try using your tripod stand for every shot you take and notice generally better pictures of your house that are sure to be engaging on your socials.

5.Compose and Plan the Camera Angles

Playing around with different angles can create the illusion of depth and height making the pictures of your house appear more interesting to look at on your socials. The rule of thirds is a composition technique most professional photographers use to produce pictures that look just right. It involves positioning your camera so that a grid breaks your image into thirds horizontally and vertically with the focus of the image being at the intersection of the columns and and the rows.

Posting a group of multiple listing photos in odd numbers like 3 or 5 can influence people to spend more time viewing your photo because most humans find it hard to organize odd numbers. You can try to create depth in your listing photos by utilizing background blur, reflections, or color contrasts. Playing around with negative space can help draw potential customers’ attention to your listing and add a sense of action to the image.

6.Use Natural Light Whenever Possible

It can be challenging to get the right combination of a delicate balance  of aperture, light and shutter speed for a perfect image that will stand out on social media. It takes photography students years to master how to use light for excellent images. Luckily, a smartphone with a great camera can capture outstanding images with natural lighting.

Natural light creates a softer, more extensive range of light than artificial light that can be great for your house pictures. Additionally, you can make a DIY reflector with cardboard pieces with aluminum foil to reduce heavy shadows.

7.Edit Your Images

Photo editing can improve the product of your photography skills and leave you with better-refined product photos. It’s better not to overuse filters or heavily rely on Photoshop to fix every flaw in your listing photos. Potential buyers may doubt your listing if your images are noticeably heavily edited and assume that your houses may not be as good in real life.

8.Don’t Get Too Artsy

The goal of your listing shoot should be to produce images that properly show the beauty and value of your property. Don’t get too artsy and take upside-down photos or weirdly angled pictures because it can confuse things and hinder your potential clients from understanding what they are looking at. Take lots of photos of the property’s side, back, and any important details to serve as supplementary shots for your main photos.

Refrain from the mistake of zooming in when capturing photos of your listing with a smartphone camera. Zooming diminishes the quality of your unit’s pictures and causes your followers to swipe right past them on social media platforms. Opt to move closer to the subject of the photo to capture the perfect shot.


The good news is that with today’s technology, you no longer need an expensive camera to produce beautiful images. Your smartphone can be all the photography equipment you need to take excellent social media pictures of your house. If you know how to use it right you may not even have to hire an expensive professional photographer or photoshop to produce the perfect social media photo of your listing.




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