Persons Executed For Murder Who Undeniably Did Not Do It


Below are several despicable examples of historic persons, who were executed for crimes that they certainly didn’t commit. Check it out — and — try (your best) not to blow a gasket.

via Pinterest; George Stinney, 14, was executed for being a black child near the scene of the crime

The youngest individual ever executed for murder in the U.S. was a 14-year-old African-American kid named George Stinney, who in 1944 perished in a South Carolina electric chair.

Young George and his sister were playing in their front yard when two white girls came upon them and asked him if he had knowledge of where they could go to pick flowers. Later that day, the two girls disappeared and were discovered slayed in a ditch the next morning. Regrettably for George, he’d mentioned to a neighbor that he spoke with the girls prior to their disappearance.

That was more than sufficient for prosecutors and they promptly arrested George. Without the presence of either an attorney or a parent, the sheriff claimed George admitted to the crime (though no signed confession was in place). George was ultimately convicted in 10 minutes by an all-white jury. He was such a petite child that the electric chair’s straps didn’t even fit him – they had to seat him on a book so he could be adequately fastened to the machine.

via Grunge; Joe Arridy was executed for being too foolish to know he was about to be executed

In August of 1936, Joe Arridy was said to have murdered a 15-year-old girl in Pueblo, Colorado, mainly because he had the habit of agreeing to just about any inquiry he was asked. See – Arridy was mentally disabled, possessing the mental capacity of a six year old.

Though police already had a suspect in custody, Aguilar matched the description of the murderer; and he’d too been seen doing ‘murderish type things,’ like loitering at the victim’s funeral and taking a second glance at her body inside the coffin. Aguilar knew the victim’s family, and looked to be a collector of newspaper clippings on sex crime topics. He owned also a hatchet that possessed marks which appeared to match the marks on the deceased.

The suspect simply deemed Arridy an accessary, and both guys were tried, found guilty and executed, in spite of there being no substantial evidence linking Arridy to the slaying. Arridy boasted such a childlike psyche that he entered the gas chamber without ever truly understanding that he was going in there to die.


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