Indian Teenager’s 5-foot, 7-inch Hair Sets Guinness World Record


A 16-year-old girl who received a ‘bad haircut’ when she was 6, has been growing her hair out ever since and now holds a Guinness World Record.

via Momspresso; The new record holder says she washes her hair once a week and astonishingly, it takes only thirty minutes to dry. Though – it takes a whole hour to comb it!

Nilanshi Patel, 16, began growing her hair steadily after a botched haircut at age six. “I got a bad haircut, and it was really bad for me,” she lamentably stated.

She recollects crying about it and declaring right then and there that she would never cut her hair again. Today, her thick, wavy, dark hair reaches down to her ankles, measuring 67 inches long when straightened.

“My mother helps me to braid and to comb my hair,” she tells Guinness Records, elaborating that she’s been supportive always of her election to keep growing it.

While she claims her pals call her a “real-life Rapunzel,” Patel too gets inquiries from people who presume her hair gets in the way of daily activities.

“I don’t face any problems with my hair. I do all the sports and all the things with me hair,” she expresses. “It’s a lucky charm for me, clearly.”

Remarkably, Patel’s hair is not even a ⅓ of the duration of the that of the adult woman with the longest hair. China’s Xie Qiuping, has held that Guinness World Record since 2004, whose hair measures more than 18 feet long! She began growing her hair at 13 — seven years older than Patel when Patel initiated —thereby the soon-to-be 17-year-old could theoretically exceed hers one day.


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