Imgur, Once Reddit’s Baby, Now Bigger Than ‘The Front Page Of The Internet’

imgur bigger than reddit

If you use Reddit, Imgur is a site with which you rapidly become familiar — but the unofficial official image hosting arm of Reddit hit a big milestone, and is now more trafficked than the site it was created to support.

Imgur and Reddit have a symbiotic relationship, but as a standalone image server, Imgur is also pretty fantastic. You can upload anonymously, or create an account, or both. The image links are tiny and don’t often break without deletion, and the service is pretty much one that does what it says on the tin — it hosts images, without hassling you via email, or by being easily stalkable. Imgur just rocks.

On the Imgur blog, the “bigger than Reddit” announcement was made today — and the stats are impressive. On average, Imgur is doing kazillions of pageviews each day, many of them through Reddit, and the service writes:

“Imgur’s service now supports more than 1,200,000,000 daily image views that are core to information sharing channels, the most popular and highly trafficked social networks, massive online communities, popular pop culture blogs and web forums for all kinds of content. To continue to offer you the best ‘no limits’ image hosting experience available online, we have added HTTPS support sitewide to allow for secure browsing all across Imgur.”

The post continues:

“We have also decreased the limitations to allow you to upload larger filetypes with lower compression. These limits vary for anonymous users, registered account holders and pro users.”

Imgur definitely deserves the big victory lap, and we rely heavily on the service in our personal social media endeavors here at SND. But we also have to admit that we’re slightly more impressed about how Imgur chose to illustrate their big announcement with a “why not Zoidberg?” meme.



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