Ikea Opens ‘Breakfast In Bed’ Cafe in London

Who DOESN’T like the idea of being served breakfast in bed? Heck, just being served on while you lie in your robe in the comfort of a warm bed is one of the best feelings in the world. But it is also a feeling most people will never know because most people are not kind enough to bring one another breakfast in bed. But guess what? Good news for people who have always wanted breakfast in bed but never had a chance to try it. Ikea just opened a brand new cafe in London that specifically serves people breakfast (and lunch) in bed. Yes, you show up, put on a robe, and get into an Ikea bed while someone waits on you. Seriously, how cool is that?


So like stated earlier, it really is the stuff of dreams. Located in East London, the “breakfast in bed” cafe aims to serve people delicious, Swedish based food dishes whilst allowing them to lounge on some lovely and comfortable beds. They even go so far as to have someone meet you at the door and talk you through pillow selection. Seriously, feather, down, they have it all. After you pick your pillow, you can grab a robe they provide and pop into one of the comfy beds they have set up. While in bed, one of the servers will come over and take your order. Some of the food looks absolutely delicious, and the idea of getting to lounge back while being served has some appeal to everyone.

On top of serving you and you getting to chill out on some relaxing and comfy Ikea furniture, that is not all the breakfast in bed cafe offers. There is also information about how to best set up a bedroom, advice on how to get to sleep and make sure you get 8 hours every night, and there is even soft music playing the entire time. So while Dominoes may think they are taking things to the next step with their “tweet a pizza” feature, it is clear Ikea is the one taking it to the next step. Let’s just all hope this first venture works out and they expand, because I wont be getting to London anytime soon, but I NEED to experience this, at least once.


No word yet on how they feel about people falling asleep after eating their delicious meals. I imagine there must be a time limit, but more details to come as we hear more about this awesome place.

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