I Am 90, AMA: Grandma Goes On Reddit, Charms Users

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A 90-year-old grandma’s AMA may not seem like the juiciest thing compared to some awesome Reddit AMAs, but this one is worth a read for adorability.

One redditor, u/Iampossiblyatwork, served as a proxy for his near-centenarian grandma to engage with the sometimes onerous users of the site Reddit, where they were invited to ask her anything — the meaning of “AMA” in Reddit’s parlance.

As expected, some jerks (quickly downvoted) were jerky, but the thread was a cool chance to get some perspective from someone who’s been hanging around Earth a bit longer than all of us. Through her grandson, the woman introduced herself, saying:

I was born in May 1, 1923. I was born in Stamford, CT. I lived through the Great Depression, 14 presidents, a moon landing and much more. I served time in Army Air Force as a nurse. 2nd Lieutenant. I served for a year in the army. I then worked as a nurse in a doctor’s office. I’ve traveled all over. I was in Pasedena, CA on VJ Day. I’ve been married, had three wonderful children I’ve lived a long time and have a lot to share, so please ask anything!”

Asked if she could relive any moment of her life, which it would be, the woman explained:

“My wedding day. We went to Niagara Falls. My Husband proposed to me while we were ice skating. He was lacing up my skates when he popped the question.”

When queried about her favorite decade, she commented:

“1970s. All of my children were out of the house and starting their own lives. It was like taking a deep breath of fresh air.”

On the period of her life with the biggest impact, the 90-year-old said:

“The Great Depression. My parents lost their home, their business. My father was in the automobile business. We really had to do without our electrcity. We ate beans and spam. It was really tough. My mother had to go to work. My father didn’t have any job. She worked for $12/day in a retail shop. Actually I think it was $12/week. I was only 10 years old, so I don’t remember quite everything. My sister was 4 years old and didn’t remember that much. My mother passed away during the depression. My sister had to go live with her aunt and uncle and I went to live with my other aunt.”

You can read the Ask My Grandma Anything AMA over on Reddit.

Kim LaCapria

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