Human Feces Might Cure Depression: Says Scientists


Human feces may be used to cure depression, accordant to scientists, who unintentionally discovered the kinship between depression and intestinal floras.

via Knowable Magazine

Yao Honghong, a Southeast University professor with the school of medicine, accidentally discovered during a test that mice without depression genes possess intestinal floras that are different from depressed mice. The team then gathered poop from mice without depression and handed it to the depressed mice, whose depression ailments evidently eased after that! Yao informed local reporters on Tuesday that they are plotting to develop oral medicines carrying intestinal floras of healthy persons. The team is now amassing intestinal floras from healthy individuals who volunteer to donate their droppings. Depression is deemed an emotional disorder. Present day antidepressants have some issues such as working too slow and patients can have many unfavorable reactions after consuming them.

The report stated that the safety and efficiency of utilizing intestinal floras to remedy depression is higher than for present medications. The finding has gone viral on social media in China, being both hailed and doubted by netizens. As of press time, the subject “Human feces may cure depression” has been viewed more than 100,000,000 times. Various Chinese netizens stressed that they would refuse this sort of therapy. “If I have depression, I might not accept therapy related to feces. It is a little disgusting,” a netizen commented. Other netizens contended that the therapy does have a scientific fundament and hope soon it can be used in clinics to assist those who suffer from depression. “Intestinal floras can influence human health and some of them are related to depression. Feces are only one of the sources of these floras,” suggested one netizen who too researched intestinal floras.


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