An Everlasting Turd Museum Is Opening On August 9th


The transitory Unko Museum (‘unko’ is Japanese for ‘feces’) in Yokohama is about to get a perpetual site in Odaiba, Tokyo’s amusement district.

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On Friday August 9, the new museum will open on the second floor of the massive shopping mall DiverCity Tokyo Plaza. Premised on the notion of ‘Max Unko Kawaii’, which translates literally as ‘the maximum cuteness of poop’, this latest Tokyo museum is a much larger location than its predecessor. It too will feature a reconfigured design, besides some new additions. Unko Museum Tokyo will don a new main area lodging a crap-spitting turd-shaped volcano. The remainder of the museum, though, is split into various zones, each called after an unko wordplay – ‘un’sta-genic, , ‘un’telligence and ‘un’teractive. The museum also will have a rainbow-colored souvenir shop; dubbed the ‘Unko Factory’, it’s equipped with a broad selection of dung-shaped merchandise.

Gamers should straight walk to the ‘Kusogame Center’, where 7 assorted kuso (Japanese for ‘sh*t’) games lurk: dive into mounds of toy turds, produce your own love fable between unko and you, or at the new ‘Unko Shirahadori’ catch dropping poo-shaped toys with both of your hands. In addition to that, even Unberto (the museum’s mascot) – a strolling, drudging turd figure that totes around its own toilet – receives its own signature room. Wander through the toilet seat-shaped door and unearth its enigmatic depths. Though temporary, in Yokohama you can visit still the original Unko Museum up until September 30.


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