Truths About The Human Brain Everybody Gets Wrong

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There are a ton of fallacies about how the brain functions, to the point where absolute falsehoods are spewed as facts almost every day.

via Medical Xpress; You use MUCH more than 10% of your brain

You’ve heard the old tale about how humans apparently utilize only 10 percent of their brainpower, correct? Some persons find it terrific to imagine that there’s some magical 90 percent of unexploited cognitive potential that, if tapped into, could allow you to attain mighty telepathic powers or read like Johnny 5.

Than it’s others, partiers mostly, that suggest 30 percent more brain power can be unlocked through hallucinogens. However, none of those things can be further from the truth. As Scientific American explicates, humans apply 100 percent of their brains, on a daily basis. The brain is intricate, and there’s no wasted space.

Even uncomplicated endeavors like making coffee in the morning consist of complex neural processes from heterogeneous brain zones. It’s difficult to pinpoint where this myth began, actually. In 1907 William James hinted at it. Though, in 1936 it was popularized by the book How to Win Friends and Influence People, which Dale Carnegie expressed people only use ’10 percent of their latent mental ability.’

via Getty Images; Your brain doesn’t ‘ache’ when you get a headache

When you get a headache or migraine, the part that’s hurting isn’t actually your brain. That particular organ, as it befalls, is unable to feel touch, pain, or any sensation, accordant to, as there are no fibers that transmit pain (nociceptors) situated in brain tissue.

More so, if a brain surgeon was using a scalpel to cut through your grey matter and you were fully conscious, you wouldn’t even feel the doc slashing your brain! If that’s the case – what body part is torturing you while enduring a headache?

Between the skull and brain are tiers of tissue known as the dura mater and pia mater, which possess nociceptors and hence are able to inform you how they’re feeling when they get uneasy. Dubbing it a “dura-pia-ache” is far less appealing than “headache.”


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