How To Download Tweets And Embarrass Yourself

Download Tweets

Twitter has started rolling out the ability to download tweets in just a few simple steps. CEO Dick Costolo said that it was one of the most requested features and promised that users could download tweets by the end of the year.

To download your tweets, head on over to and sign in. Once you have signed in, click the wheel icon on the top right and then select “Settings.”

Download Tweets

From there, scroll down to where it says “Your Twitter archive” and click “Request your archive.”

download tweets

A link to download tweets in a zip file will be emailed to you shortly with the subject line “Your Twitter download is ready, [name]” and will look like this:

Download Tweets

Select the blue button that says “Go now” or click the link below that. Once you have the zip file downloaded, you’ll need to extract it to see your tweets. The end result is an HTML file that opens up in your browser and displays all your tweets. You can also open the file in Excel.

Many of us have changed since first using Twitter so be prepared to embarrass yourself with some of what you posted. Here are just a few first tweets from various celebrities:

If you don’t have the ability to download tweets yet, Twitter should have it to you any day now.



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