How to develop a brand that will bring you Instagram likes and people’s hearts

Modern business relies strongly on the reputation that is gained on IG. Today’s principles of society set a see-through strategy as a trend that helps build a stronger and more loyal relationship with customers. This fact encourages brands to care about and buy 25 likes on Instagram since the popularity and big numbers motivate people to buy things.

However, to build a decent strategy and run a successful brand on social media, you have to do more than acquire many likes on Instagram. This article will guide you through the most effective tips and tricks to make your company pop on IG and win lots of love from your customers.

Content Quality

You must create authentic and competitive content to build a successful business on Instagram. The platform offers a wide variety of formats to use for better engagement and communication.

Here are your options:

  • IG publications. The base of all the apps. Here you can post multiple photos and videos and apply quite big captions to engage the audience and collect likes for Instagram.
  • Stories are the actual reason why Insta became so popular. This content form was a real boost for the platform, letting businesses promote their products on a new level too.
  • Reels. This is a relatively new feature on the app that resembles the TikTok format. Great for businesses as it allows them to implement TikTok videos smoothly in the Instagram feed.
  • IGTV. That’s where you store videos that are longer than one minute.
  • IG Live. An option for creating live streams to communicate with users in real-time form, which will potentially bring you more likes on Insta after the successful broadcasts.

Such a wide variety of features is excellent for making your profile attractive, informative, and entertaining at the same time, while using top-notch devices is optional.

Influencer Marketing

This promotion method is obligatory! Making bloggers become ambassadors of your product is a proven way to increase sales and amount of likes. Instagram influencers have enough reputation for promoting products effectively – users trust their opinions. Hence if the influencer is promoting your brand, there is a reason for them to buy your items too.

The power that influencer marketing strategy beholds is enormous. But to make it effective, you must choose the ambassadors for your business wisely and carefully. Target the ones who are somehow connected to your industry and the ones who only take a few advertising contracts. You won’t achieve many likes on Instagram if the influencer’s account is overfilled with ads, and people will skip your ad.

The most significant benefit of influencer marketing can backfire if blogger begins to overload their content with the promotion of different things. However good these products may be, the audience gets overdosed and lose interest in this blogger and his/her recommendations. So, the point of collaborating with such influencers drops, as it brings the least possible value.


PR patterns that were popular before the rise of social media don’t work smoothly anymore. Besides, platforms like Instagram reveal the competition’s size in most popular industries. So, to drive your target group’s attention to your product, you need to think outside the box, be surprising and entertaining, and explain why your item is the best choice for them to gain many IG likes.

The development of social media as business platforms and shopping centers has created an urge to create a new type of content that is less smoothed out than, for example, TV promotion campaigns.

The task is to make your brand pop among the others, usually without using dirty methods like black PR, diminishing competitors, and an unrealistic image of the product. If it’s too smooth, people can become suspicious, so authenticity and genuine content come first, with creativity and the will for experimentation taking first place in your strategy for collecting likes on Instagram.


Of course, brand strategy will not be productive without thorough planning and scheduling things. Planning your content helps to organize your work and predict specific results like IG likes, building your further strategy.

The best option is to hire an Insta manager who will be engaged solely in controlling and organizing your posting. However, this option is only sometimes available for beginners, so you should learn how to use planning tools and posting automation to acquire likes for Instagram by yourself.

Well-organized work on IG can be an excellent way to free some extra time for creative tasks and inspiration, as well as technical processes and analytics.

Listen To The People

The best way to grow your account and gain many likes on Instagram is to make it relatable to your target audience. Use social listening methods to understand what your target audience wants and expects to see from your type of business.

It is easy to research, thanks to the fact that the majority of your competitors in your niche have social media profiles. By looking through comments and evaluating the number of IG likes on different publications, you can get an understanding of society’s interests and preferences.

Keep Up With Trends

Thanks to TikTok, the virality of social media trends became even more swift. And these quick trends are just what you need for a better connection with your audience on Insta. Use popular tunes and challenges to bring your content closer to the consumer, so they can relate to your brand and have fun!

After all, the primary purpose of social media remains the same – people want to relax, have fun and get some positive energy from spending time online. People give Instagram likes to the posts, which makes them feel better. This is why they will undoubtedly enjoy well-incorporated trendy content in your business profile.

Improve Your Visuals

The primary value of Instagram, and its best benefit, is that here you can post an endless stream of your product photos and videos. However, you must control and improve the quality of your images and videos to collect more likes for IG.

Also, your visuals have to correspond to your brand values and social messages. Particular esthetics are always looking more professional and neat. Well, if “neat” is what you are looking for. Organized chaos also works great, especially when your brand appeals to young adults and modern culture.

At some point, many experts were advised to create a styled grid, but nowadays, this tactic is unnecessary because it is pretty overused. Thus many local companies lose their identity in trendy common tones. Do not make perfect publications. Make the grid work, and evaluate the results by counting likes on Instagram.

Use Shopping Feature

Insta is one of the most business-friendly social platforms because it has an excellent range of valuable tools to elevate your sales and gain likes for IG. Today users can buy things without leaving the app, and here are business features that will assist you when it comes to sales:

  • Price tags. On Instagram, you can apply unique tags that will show the price of the product right on the image, just like regular tagging.
  • There is an opportunity to collect all your items in the form of a catalog that looks almost like every other online shop. You can also unite your posts into categories.
  • Pinned posts. This feature was introduced recently, and it is an excellent way to put accents and highlight what’s important.

All these features are made not only to make brand lives easier but to increase the comfort of users, who are often eager to buy things impulsively on Instagram. The recipe for success is simple – the shorter the purchase path, the higher the chance that you will receive many hearts for IG and the deal will be complete!


Instagram is a comfortable and effective instrument to launch and run your brand, and it has many features that are targeted to help you establish your business. It is also a great place to follow the latest trends and news in your industry and beyond. It is great to find out who likes you and who are your potential customers.

Create useful content, obey your brand’s rules, and provoke good emotions and desire to buy something from you. Make users want to belong to your community.


Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo is a seasoned professional with a strong background in growth strategies and editorial responsibilities. Kokou has been instrumental in driving companies' expansion and fortifying their market presence. His academic credentials underscore his expertise; having studied Communication at the Università degli Studi di Siena (Italy), he later honed his skills in growth hacking at the Growth Tribe Academy (Amsterdam).


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