‘Home Alone’ Inspires Band’s New Music Video [Video]


The band members of David Unger Music really like the movie, Home Alone. So much so, that they created a music video inspired by the cult classic. DUM says, the song, “Get Back” is the latest of their parody music videos. The video features classic Home Alone scenes with lead singer, David Unger’s face superimposed over Macauley Culkin’s face. It’s something you have to see.

The video was released on January 2 and already has more than 60,000 views on the David Unger Music Dailymotion page.  Viewers’ reactions were mixed on the parody. Some noted that the superimposing quality could be much better, but there seem to be a consensus that the song was pretty good. The tune does have a pretty catchy beat.

You can check out their other parody music videos featuring other well known films on their Dailymotion page.

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