Hillary Clinton Appeared On ‘Between Two Ferns’ And It Was Hilarious

between two ferns

If you have never seen Funny Or Die’s Between Two Ferns featuring Zach Galifianakis, go check it out right now. I’ll wait.

Throughout the years, the online comedy show has featured celebrities and public figures of all kinds. Politicians are not strangers to the show either. President Barack Obama famously appeared on it back in 2014. Perhaps that is what inspired Democratic presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton? Her recent appearance is absolutely hilarious, but who’s idea was it for Clinton’s involvement?

AdWeek reports that Clinton had the idea to go on the show.

“She told her team she wanted to do it, and that she really liked the one with President Obama, so that kind of made the process really easy,” says comedian Scott Aukerman, who directs and executive produces the series. “We didn’t have to go through the hoops we sometimes have to go through in order to even get Hollywood people to do it.”

Of course, there were plenty of jabs at her opponent, Donald Trump. I’m sure that Clinton’s campaign had carefully planned and organized every detail of the comedy sketch. Even Galifianakis’ jokes about Clinton were extremely tame. Take a look, what do you think?

We have to wonder if Donald Trump will make appearance on the show soon.

“No, we have not invited Trump to do Between Two Ferns,” Aukerman says. “I don’t think he would do it. I don’t think he has thick enough skin. I wouldn’t be surprised if his team reached out, but I’d be surprised if it ever were to happen in the same way this happened, with us being able to improvise questions.”

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