Highlight Releases Android App, Updates iOS With New Features

Highlight helps you find friends that are nearby and now users can take advantage of the platform using an Android app. Users can not only see nearby friends, but also see what they’re talking about and interact with them. The iOS app also received a new update which brings several new features to the app.

One of those new features is expanded profiles. You can now share more information such as schools, relationship status, hometown, and random facts. Random facts can be submitted by yourself or friends. To show others what you’re into, you can highlight your favorite things.

The “Let me know if” feature looks to help others connect by sharing requests. For example, “Let me know if you need some yard work done” or “Let me know if you need a place to go for Thanksgiving.” Horizontal scrolling has also been added so users can now swipe to discover new content.

The programs High Fives even makes it less awkward to acknowledge a friend who is nearby. When you see someone’s post, there is now a gray icon with a blue hand. Clicking the icon will “high five” the person and they will receive a notification on their phone. Highlight even makes engaging in a high five fun by playing a slapping sound.

Finally, you can also now message friends and wish happy birthday in a single click and instead of just seeing friend’s nearby, the map now features everyone nearby.

Highlight launched in January 2012 and its apps can be found here.

Mike Stenger

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