Here are COVID-19 Vaccine Incentives (including guns and lottery tickets) in the US

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Global supplies for the COVID-19 vaccine, as well as funding for purchases, have been reported to have dwindled in the last couple of weeks. The Biden administration, afraid of missing the July 4th vaccination goal, is pressed to provide incredible incentives just to encourage Americans to get COVID-19 shots. Does it sound a bit like desperation? Is it a shameless act to lure the citizens to get vaccinated? For many Americans, it does and it is. Especially if the idea is to win a shotgun for getting a vaccine! Less than half of Americans have received full doses of the COVID-19 vaccine after the US government’s impressive and aggressive vaccination plan. However, less than a month before the 4th of July, it looks like time is pressed to vaccinate the rest of the population.

Now, hold your horses. Before we get too judgy about all these crazy little incentives from the government, we all have to understand why they do it in the first place. The US government made sure that access to the vaccine is easy and free. But what pushed them to give out all these incentives anyway? Partly, because it is necessary.

The demand for the vaccine has dipped significantly in the last couple of weeks.  Must we all remember that there is still a huge percentage of Americans who do not believe in the existence of COVID-19? Add this number to the anti-vaxxers who actively refrain from getting themselves, their families, and their children vaccinated. Then, for the rest of the people out there who are not vaccinated yet, the fear of getting side effects is real. This fear adds to the growing number of Americans who refuse the vaccine. If you are curious and are considering getting vaccinated, the incentives are tantalizingly impressive.

Here is a list of the incentives the US is giving away to their citizens if they get the vaccine:

Get a chance to win a gun for complete doses of the vax

The West Virginia government has also offered additional incentives which include chances to win $1.588 million as a grand lottery price. They are also going to give chances to win full scholarships in any institution in West Virginia, custom trucks, hunting licenses, and fishing licenses.

Win the lottery

Other American states that offer lottery incentives are Illinois, California, Colorado, and Ohio.

Free tickets to Six Flags

One free beer for every shot

If you are one of these people who have not gained access to the vaccine yet, here’s how you can get yourself vaccinated.

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