“Haunted” Wardrobe That Caused Owners “Continous Nightmares” Goes Up for Sale

"Haunted" Wardrobe That Caused Owners "Continous Nightmares" Goes Up for Sale

From creepy dolls to possessed mirrors, we’d thought we’d seen every potential haunted object the internet had to offer.

Well, we were wrong, because now you can add “haunted chest of drawers” to the list of mundane objects ghosts have called home.

Dating back to the 1950s, the hand-carved highboy dresser recently went up for sale at a North Carolina branch of ReStore, a thirft shop ran by charity Habitat for Humanity.

Allegedly, the original owners couldn’t wait to be rid of the thing, after dealing with spooky experiences they believe to stem from an evil spirit inhabiting the item.

"Haunted" Wardrobe That Caused Owners "Continous Nightmares" Goes Up for Sale
Source: ReStore/Habitat For Humanity

Habitat for Humanity even attached a note to the dresser warning potential buyers, which read: “Please note: previous owner reports that the highboy is haunted.

“He reports continuous nightmares for he and his wife while it was in their room.

“He also reports that their dogs would not stop barking at it.”

Elizabeth Brady, a spokesperson for the charity, insisted that the message wasn’t a publicity stunt, and that as a Christian organisation, they felt obligated to inform interested parties about the item’s demonic history.

"Haunted" Wardrobe That Caused Owners "Continous Nightmares" Goes Up for Sale
Source: ReStore/Habitat For Humanity

“We are a Christian housing ministry, so we didn’t want to not disclose that,” she explained, before admitting the haunting claims would deter her from buying such an item herself.

However, this doesn’t seem to have put off the wardrobe’s new owners, two men who purchased the piece for $1000 as part of a bedroom set.

Brady said: “They are regular customers and they said they were intrigued by it, but they don’t believe in (haunted furniture).”

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