Real-Life Chucky, Omg! YouTuber Documents His ‘Haunted’ Doll [Video]


Seen in footage from a YouTuber known as “Spunkflunk”, seems to be a doll moving by itself behind him on the bed.

Before, he has documented this doll moving and as far as he know, the doll is possessed by something.

It is unknown whether or not this might be a demonic type entity or a more ghostly one.

Nonetheless, the doll plainly appears to move by itself.

Upon first glance, it is hard to peep what the doll does. Modestly, the doll moves. It’s right arm seemingly raises up, as he verbalizes to his audience on his channel.

This YouTuber and his doll are ‘friends ’til the end’; Photo: Fanpop

Assumptions are, either the doll is actually haunted or the doll’s rigged.

It’s said, odd energies can manifest into an object such as this and dolls peculiarly seem to turn into a vessel for paranormal type entities.

Strange things about this footage stands out. How the doll is poised, seems nearly too perfect. The doll seats in the background, near a corner of the headboard. By doing this, it would make it simpler to disguise wires utilized to move the doll’s arm.

A test was conducted previously, and the doll does seem to be haunted by something.

Using an Optex sensor device, it was situated onto the doll. A light would flash if the doll moved. In one of the initial appearances of this doll, he shot footage of it.

Question is — where did this doll come from? Reportedly, a fan purchased the doll for Spunk as part of a challenge. It is presumed that the doll was cursed and whoever possessed it before, urgently wanted to get rid of it.


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