#HatzOnCatz Photos Are Ridiculously Cute


How has it taken the internet this long to put hats on cats? #HatzOnCatz photos have been going viral on Twitter today thanks to a contest by Matthew Espinosa.

Espinosa, a Vine video star who kind of looks like Justin Bieber, asked his fans to send him #HatzOnCatz photos. The message was retweeted more than 3,000 times and liked more than 16,000 times. Needless to say, the internet soon filled up with ridiculous cat photos.

Before we get to Matthew Espinosa’s favorite #HatzOnCatz photos lets take a look at some of the submissions.

[snd_embeds] [snd_embed title=”#HatzOnCatz Photo Gallery” url=”https://twitter.com/freakmyshawnn/status/473699610498580481″][/snd_embed] [snd_embed title=”#HatzOnCatz Photo Gallery” url=”https://twitter.com/CamsFavoriteFan/status/473863966528397313″][/snd_embed] [snd_embed title=”#HatzOnCatz Photo Gallery” url=”https://twitter.com/UCFBusiness/status/473862375565971456″][/snd_embed] [snd_embed title=”#HatzOnCatz Photo Gallery” url=”https://twitter.com/offsiye/status/473862095533260801″][/snd_embed] [snd_embed title=”#HatzOnCatz Photo Gallery” url=”https://twitter.com/Jojo5799/status/473861827588526081″][/snd_embed] [snd_embed title=”#HatzOnCatz Photo Gallery” url=”https://twitter.com/Cartahleedallas/status/473861481205731329″][/snd_embed] [snd_embed title=”#HatzOnCatz Photo Gallery” url=”https://twitter.com/glittervelocity/status/473858936748400640″][/snd_embed] [snd_embed title=”#HatzOnCatz Photo Gallery” url=”https://twitter.com/heylydiagrace/status/473856138975260672″][/snd_embed] [snd_embed title=”#HatzOnCatz Photo Gallery” url=”https://twitter.com/IL0vePizz4/status/473852865736634368″][/snd_embed] [snd_embed title=”#HatzOnCatz Photo Gallery” url=”https://twitter.com/AKenyanGirl/status/473721006344114176″][/snd_embed] [snd_embed title=”#HatzOnCatz Photo Gallery” url=”https://twitter.com/graciegrierr/status/473700440421699584″][/snd_embed] [/snd_embeds]

So who wins? Well, apparently everyone. The contest has been running for about 16 hours but Espinosa hasn’t picked a favorite yet. But we can’t end this article on such a sad, sad note, so let’s pick our own favorite.

Congratulations, Cashew. 

photo credit: CameliaTWU via photopin cc

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