Guy Uses Selfie Stick To Record Girlfriend And Mom Fighting [Watch]

“Video or it didn’t happen.” – This guy’s friends at school.

Well. Nothing is private anymore. Privacy with all of the available social media and technology is an old term that used to mean something.

So if this was 20 years ago. This girlfriend and his mother would have fought peacefully in the front of a house without the world seeing. But now, thanks to this guy and #1 Boyfriend, the world gets to watch this girlfriend and this guy’s mom fight in the front yard.

That grin on his face is shedding some serious light on the current situation. He is loving the sh*t out of this.

I imagine him changing “15 minutes of fame! 15 minutes of fame!” over and over again in his head. Selfie stick to the rescue! Otherwise this footage of a front yard fight would probably be really shaky and at a terrible angle.

Watch the footage below:

[Photo credit: YouTube]

Kokou Adzo

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