This Genius Dumped His Girl After Thinking Her Cancer Was Contagious


People handle cancer in different ways.

One particular guy, wanted to make sure that it was “safe to get physical” with his girlfriend (who once had skin cancer) before they took things to the next level.

The guy refers to his girlfriend’s cancer as “the whole ‘C’ thing”; Photo: Giphy

Sarah, the guy’s now ex-girlfriend, got so upset over what her boyfriend-at-the-time said to her that she elected to post the conversation on Reddit.

The gentleman begins the conversation by referring to Sarah as “hella sexy” and “very attractive.”  Though there’s one hurdle he feels the couple has to get over — the fact that Sarah used to have cancer.

He refers to it as “the whole ‘C’ thing.” Sarah, does her best to persuade him that is not a big deal and there is nothing she can do to alter the fact that she possessed cancer.

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That is when he requested her to confirm that it’s in fact ‘safe for us to get physical’.

He doesn’t just desire her opinion, he really wants to go to a doctor’s appointment with her. He too hopes that she is not offended by the proposition.

Is this guy serious? Yes, yes he is; Photo: PizzaBottle

When she rejects him, he gets persistent but rather than becoming angry, Sarah attempts to explain to him that cancer is unlike an STD.

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Sarah admitted later that the two of them met on the net through a dating app and only dated for a short amount of time.

She even tried to offer him information about cancer via an online resource but he states that “I need to hear it from a doctor, preferably yours.”

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And for the record, no … this is not fake news.


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