Greenland Shark Believed To Be 512 Years Old, Dubbed As World’s Oldest Living Vertebrae

greenland shark
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The quest for longer life has always been one of the craziest goals of the rich and powerful. Because once you have everything you’ll ever want and need and in out-of-this-world proportions, time will still bring you back down to the bitter Earth. Now while humans want longer lifespans and even spent disgusting amounts of wealth/ to attain it, some animals have all the luck, like one Greenland shark which is believed to be around 500-years-old, still young, mind you.

Well, to be more specific, the said shark is estimated to be around 512-years-old, meaning there is a chance it was born in the 1500s. That makes it older than the majority of the world’s countries. The said unnamed shark was found swimming along the Arctic Ocean while jamming to his favorite Rennaissance music, just kidding, it doesn’t listen to music, but it probably was alive at the time Magellan proved that the world is not flat.

Now, regarding Greenland sharks, they generally have lifespans of over hundreds of years, much like some turtle and tortoise species. These sharks also grow at a rate of one centimeter per year and that was how scientists estimated the said shark’s age. The shark was measured at around 5.48 meters in length and weighed over a tonne. So if you do the math, the shark more or less around 500 years of age, making it the longest living vertebrae on the planet.

What on Earth would they be doing with that much time, you ask? Well, the said shark actually set up its own history school to disprove flat-Earthers and sell Da Vinci autographs… Jokes aside, they don’t do much, they spend hundreds of years of their lives just swimming around and looking for mates, something that humans only take about 20 years on average to do.

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