Gordon Ramsay Knows How To Treat A Lady [Video]

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay, famous PUA, has some tips for “closing the deal” on the first date.

The above video is a super-cut of the Hell’s Kitchen chef’s “Cookalong Live” series, spliced together to give a slightly … different … impression of the subject. Trading trading the arts culinary for cunnilingus, Ramsay very carefully gives pointers to a hypothetically nervous young lad about scoring at the end of a first date.

The video is years old (published back in 2011), but is going viral again today thanks to reddit. As one redditor pointed out, the video has some pretty flawless editing. Close your eyes and you’ll be fooled into thinking Gordon Ramsay is just non-chalantly explaining how to get a girl into the sack.

[Image: laRuth]

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