Captivating Camera: GoPro Ends Up On Japanese Sushi Conveyor Belt

When you are out getting sushi, the last thing you expect to see is a GoPro camera rolling by you on the sushi conveyor belt, but that is just what one person did with their GoPro, and as odd as it may sound, there is something both soothing and surreal about traveling slowly around this restaurant in first person watching all the people’s jaws drop that a camera is going by them where delicious raw fish should be.

The best part is, if you look at the video description it says the video is subtitled ” “Sam was an a**hole and put his GoPro on a sushi conveyor belt”, which might be the greatest title I have ever read to a video on YouTube.

The actual video is pretty cool too, as strange as it may sound.

Honestly, the only thing missing here would be putting some epic soundtrack behind the footage to really drive home how cool this is. Who thought a GoPro ride around a sushi conveyor belt could be so entertaining?

Certainly not I, the whole thing seemed FISHY to me from the start (loses five years off my life for terrible wordplay).




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