GOP Uses Free Willy Poster, Gets Bitch Slapped By Jesse

Jason James Richter Twitter Fight With GOP

Jason James Richter, the actor who played Jesse in the hit movie Free Willy is not happy. The actors movie poster was recently used for a GOP attack campaign against ObamaCare.

Earlier this week Republican Congressman Tim Griffin of Arkansas posted a remixed version of the poster with the words “Free America From ObamaCare.” At the bottom of the page the poster shows a link to GOP.Gov.

Griffin thought he was being smart after SeaWorld announced that it would cut employee hours to make up the money it loses from ObamaCare.

BuzzFeed picked up on the story and asked Richter about his feeling for which he responded:

“I think it’s terrible. To many thought to convey in 140 characters. Shameful comes to mind though.”

Richter said it was “Shameful” for such a great film to be used for partisan political attacks. He goes on to tweet:

“The film holds a special place for a lot of people. To use the iconic poster image to further a political agenda is shameful.”

Congressman Tim Griffin then tried to turn the tables as he tweeted:

We love Griffin’s reply in which he wrote, “really congressman? Don’t you have better things to do? Go do your job, sir.”

Here’s the Free Willy ObamaCare poster fail:

In what might be the funniest moment from the Twitter battle one user pointed out the obvious to Rep. Tim Griffin:

In the meantime Jason James Richter sent the following tweet to talk show host Sean Astin:

To which Astin responded:

Could this Twitter battle turn into a real-world meet between Griffin and Richter? We sure hope so!

Do you think using the Free Willy poster for an ObamaCare attack campaign was a smart decision by Tim Griffin?

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