Google+ Rolling Out Deeper YouTube Integration


Google+ is fresh off a big announcement and has started rolling out deeper YouTube integration to all users, a process that will be completed over the next few days. When visiting the YouTube upload section you will now have the option to share your video direclty to your Google+ account. Simply check the appropriate box in the upload interface and add a note. Once the video is finished uploading and processing it will be shared to the social network.

Here is a screenshot of the new Google+ upload option in action:


A new “YouTube” tab will appear on profiles below your cover photo which contains all of your publicly listed YouTube videos. The nine most recent videos display and below that is “Other Videos” which are all the videos you uploaded directly to Google+. When other people click on a video to watch they will be taken directly to the video page on YouTube.

In order for this new integration to work, you need to make sure your Google+ account is linked with your YouTube account. If you don’t have both connected here is how to make it happen:

  • Go to your YouTube channel (
  • Look at the top right where it says “About” and select “Edit”
  • You’ll see your Google+ username as well as other social networks
  • Click “Show” and then select “Apply” to save changes

If you don’t want YouTube videos appearing on your account you will have the option to hide the tab from your profile.

For Google+ users who upload a good amount of videos and want to share them with the world these are great new features for more people to discover their content.

Mike Stenger

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