Google Plus Now Features 135 Million Active Users, Adds Communities

Google Plus has been called a ghost town in the past but according to new stats released on Thursday the social network now has over 500 million users with 135 million active participants. Google shared the news on their company blog including the fact that 235 million people who interact with Google Plus through other Google properties.

In three months the social network added over 100 million new users. However, active users are far more important and they’ve managed to build a very active community.

With the new stats, Google Plus also announced a feature called Communities which are essentially groups. Here is how Google+ Communities work:

  • You create a Community based around a specific topic or interest.
  • Make it public or private.
  • The moderator can create multiple topics or categories within a group to better organize conversations and get to the information that matters most to you.
  • Schedule events or start hangouts with the group only.
  • Users can share their group with others on the social network or outside of Google Plus.

The ability to create or join a Community is rolling out today and there’s no mobile support at this time. Google didn’t announce a time frame but said mobile access to coming to Google+ communities soon. You can learn more about the social networks communities feature by watching the video below:

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