Google Glass Update Includes SMS, Glassware Calendar For iOS

Google Glass Update
Last week Google Glass went on sale to the masses for one day only. This week the company has announced SMS and Glassware Calender updates for iOS users.

The first of the new features allows iPhone users to receive notifications for incoming text messages, a feature that is already available for Android handset users.

Enabling the new SMS feature is simple, just access your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings and choose the ‘show notifications’ option for your paired Google Glass. At this time “restrictions” caused by iOS means users can not reply to messages directly from their Google Glass.

Also being offered is a new Calendar Glassware feature. The new option allows users to view their schedule and appointments. Glass users can also modify title, time, date, and location information. Users can also dismiss or delete appointments right from Google Glass.

Along with the iOS update, Google has promised that Glass users will now begin to receive faster updates for current and new features.

At Social News Daily we view SMS as a social function for mobile devices, but what we would really like to see is better Facebook, Twitter, and other social media integration rolled out in the next set of updates.

What Google Glass features would make you more interested in the wearable technology?

[h/t Digital Trends]




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