Go Figure: Facebook Is Ruining Your Sex Life

Several studies have been done lately that gauge how social influences our personal lives. Most of these studies have focused on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and have discovered that while the pull of social networking can be as strong as any addiction, most people still prefer their carnal pleasures over their status updates.

However, a new British study shows that across the pond, people tend to spend too many evening hours on Facebook, which does have a negative impact on their sex lives.

The Daily Mail reports that the typical adult goes to bed around midnight, a full 90 minutes later than they did ten years ago. For roughly half of the UK’s population, this extra time is not spent “getting to know” your other half in the Biblical sense, but on Facebook. Roughly 15% of respondents admitted that their late social habits have led to less sex.

The study also shows that Brits sleep seven and a half hours less per week (360 hours each year) than they did a decade ago. Social lures one in four, and that number is split between catching up on TV shows and dinking around on Facebook. Two-third under 30 admitted to using Facebook while they’re already tucked in.

“Broadband has become an essential utility – with so much entertainment available online and so many devices with which to enjoy it, people are using every minute of their free time to get online,” said Dominic Baliszewski, telecoms expert from broadbandchoices. “There has been an explosion of broadband providers over the last 10 years and services are improving all the time, which has contributed to an ‘online all the time’ culture.”

“I often work late and by the time I’ve got home and had something to eat I’ve usually missed anything that I might have wanted to watch on TV and it’s too late to call my friends,” said 28-year-old Debbie Fox from Essex. “I always end up taking my laptop and phone to bed with me and make the most of all that’s available online in the comfort of my bed – I can see what my friends have been up to and watch catch up TV when it suits me.”

Call me forward, but I still want to know: Does Facebook have an impact on your sex life?

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Kokou Adzo

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