Girl Scouts Promote #ItCanWait Campaign, Urges Girls Not To Text And Drive

GSUSA itcanwait

The Girl Scouts have promoted a hashtag campaign, #ItCanWait, to harness positive peer pressure and discourage girls from texting at the wheel.

In addition to the Girl Scouts trending on Twitter with the #ItCanWait hashtag, the organization is also taking the campaign to Facebook and promoting a cross-over to Instagram so visibility is heightened.

The premise of the #ItCanWait hashtag is pretty straightforward — whatever it is that you might be compelled to text a friend or fellow Girl Scout (represent!), it can wait until you’re no longer driving.

On Facebook, GSUSA writes:


AT&T tweeted:

The California Department of Motor Vehicles harnessed a separate social media trend today to promote #ItCanWait:

And more personal stories were shared:

If you want to help GSUSA and others spread the #ItCanWait pledge, use the hashtag #ItCanWait on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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