Getting Engaged Before Moving? Here Are Three Things You Should Know

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General advice for any couple looking to get married and own property is to wait to buy until you have your marriage license. This helps to protect both parties from any unfortunate legal repercussions should the relationship not work out the way you think it’s going to. It’s also worth noting that getting engaged before moving in, although it might seem old fashioned, is actually a great way to find lasting relationship happiness. This is due to a variety of psychological reasons, as well as just general common sense. If you’re planning on getting engaged before you move in with your partner, here are three things to keep in mind.

Engagement allows you to address one another as equal partners.

One of the first benefits of getting engaged before moving in together is the fact that you begin to see yourselves as one unit instead of two separate people. This transition affects different couples in a variety of ways, and it’s important that you begin to view each other equally and start learning how to live with each other. For example, if you were just dating, it’s easier to break up your relationship or leave your lease because you have less skin in the game.


However, when you’ve already picked out the perfect symbol of your love from a wide variety of diamond engagement rings, you’ll need to reassess whether or not an argument about the laundry is worth walking out on your partner over. This is one reason why spending time learning about the perfect ring from a business like Agape Diamonds can be a great way to find common ground as a couple, too. When you’ve invested time and money into your relationship and shared pictures of a beautiful ring online with friends and family, you’ll want to treat each other equally and find a compromise in cohabitating.

Engagement can serve as a safety net.

If for some reason you and your partner realize that living together isn’t a compatible arrangement, engagement can be a much-needed safety net. This is because breaking an engagement while upsetting and emotional for all involved, is much less of a hassle than getting a divorce.

Divorces are expensive and drawn out matters, and paying for lawyers can be a costly expense that leaves you and your partner in worse shape than before your relationship started. It’s best to get a trial run of life together while engaged so that the stakes are higher than just dating, but still low enough that you won’t make a costly mistake.

Engagement allows you to seriously discuss properties and finances.

Another benefit of leveling up your relationship through engagement is that it allows you to seriously discuss your finances and what you’re looking for in a home. In America, money problems are the biggest cause of divorce, and if you and your spouse-to-be can get on the same page early on it sets you up for a much more successful relationship together. For example, in discussing what sort of home you want to purchase, you’ll have to think about what both of you can legitimately afford together.


You may also wind up discussing where exactly you want to build your life together. If you love the aesthetic of a log cabin home or are interested in living in the mountains, Ashe County NC real estate is quite hot right now. Whether you’re interested in homesteading or are just looking for more privacy, Ashe County is an excellent location to consider. That being said, you won’t know what you and your fiancee are thinking about until you open the door for conversation, so getting engaged is a great first step to get the ball rolling.

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