Gender Switch: Iconic Male Brand Mascots Redesigned

Numerous household brand names that we’ve come to cherish throughout the years have earned their spot in our homes with the addition of a wacky mascot. A distinguishing, relatable character that advocates the brand, a familiar face on the shopping aisles of the grocery store – all designed to capture your imagination.

Typically, you might not give a brand mascot much thought, however when you look past all the bright colours and smiles, there’s one thing that seems to be rather apparent – where are all the female brand mascots?!

Many have actually been around for a number of years, but as the marketing industry was male-led for a long time, branding absolutely had a more masculine predisposition. However, when there are still twice as many male mascots compared to female ones, should we be doing more to change things?

As new brands emerge, it would seem that marketing is actually moving away from gendered branding in favour of a more neutral approach where gender parity is a big concern, and so it should be. Women aren’t all about the colour pink anymore and guys like to clean and cook stuff, too.

With this in mind, CDA Appliances asked the question … is there still a place on our shelves for these older, established and somewhat outdated brand mascots?

With International Women’s Day on the 8th March, they wanted to do something that would cast a light on these mascots and level the playing field a little. While they certainly didn’t want to strengthen female stereotypes, they did want to prove that women can be strong enough to represent cleaning brands (they don’t need the strength of a man to do a tough job). They can also be mischievous without being attractive and they like food, too…



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