Gary Lineker Calls Self ‘Sh*t’ On Twitter

Gary Lineker is a retired footballer turned broadcaster who is well respected in his home country of England. Lineker’s 2.21 million Twitter followers were treated to his special brand of self-deprecating humor during Barcelona’s 2-1 win over Man City yesterday.

Lionel Messi scored the opening goal for Barcelona in his typical brilliance. Messi helped his side advance to the Champs League quarterfinals 4-1 on aggregate (think of it like winning a playoff game).

Gary Lineker, a former Barcelona striker himself, compared his game to Messi’s on Twitter, sparking a fun night of exchanges between fans.

Followers were nearly unanimous. Next to Messi, every football player is sh*t.

While he was no Lionel Messi, Lineker did achieve something remarkable in his career. Over 16 years Lineker managed to avoid drawing a red or yellow card during play. He was either good at hiding it or very gentlemanly.

FIFA sided with the later, awarding Lineker with 1990 FIFA Fair Play Award.

[Image Credit: a_marga]

Pete Myers

Pete Myers is a father, writer and small business owner who lives in Des Moines. Pete is an advocate for veterans groups that seek to improve awareness of PTSD and reduce suicide rates among returning Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans. In his spare time he lives, breathes and eats sports.


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