Game of Thrones Dominates Social Charts With Season 4 Debut

Game of Thrones has dominated social media today with the long awaited debut of season 4.

The George RR Martin penned series has been a huge hit for HBO over its initial three series, with the show often topping the BitTorrent charts, let alone cable ratings.

Game of Thrones was the top  search term on Google April 6th by over a multiple of five.

On Twitter charts, #GAMEOFTHRONESEASON4 dominated markets across the United States, and has started to trend in International markets as legal and not so legal copies hit online.

Initial reaction to the show from fans is positive, with a Tweet from HBO stating that the show was about to begin being particularly popular. The Vine clip below is also golden.

NOTE: potential spoilers (although we’ve kept them down as much as possible.)

(Image Credit: HBO/ Twitter)




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