Gabourey Sidibe Tweets Best Hater Rebuttal Of All Time

Gabourey Sidibe

Actress Gabourey Sidibe is no stranger to criticism, and the star who is most famous for her breakout role in Precious is unfortunately used to being slammed by critics for the crime of being famous, rich, and chubby.

When the Golden Globes Twitter frenzy began, it was natural that Gabby would come in for some low-brow cheap shots. LOL FAT PERSON AMIRITE?

With the internet as predictable as it is schoolyard bully sometimes, we’re not surprised Sidibe was seeing some hateful backchat on the social network.

But what she replied with to her haters was not just a moment of great joy for the successful star, but all larger chicks everywhere for whom she gifted a wonderful moment of vicarious smack talk smackdown.

In this most glorious of Twitter burns, Gabourey Sidibe retorts:

It should be noticed that while Gabourey used the Twitter burn and her success to great effect, one not need be en route to the Golden Globes to issue an equivalent haterade antidote. Sidibe’s tweet reminds us that everyone is entitled to dismiss such subjective critique with a “sucks to be you,” and if you really believe it … it’s true. She followed up with:

Social News Daily mos def supports you, bro!

Is Gabourey Sidibe’s sideeye at Twitter’s basic bitches the best Twitter burn ever?



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