These Are The Funniest Tweets From The Democratic Debate

Last night's Democratic debate, while a little short of substance, did have some great tweets. These are the best ones we found under the #DemDebate hashtage

The funniest Tweets from the Democratic Debate last night were great, but what Twitter really showed us was that the GOP debates have a lot more substance than the ones featuring Bernie and Hillary. In the #DemDebate, there was no mention of genetalia or hand size, instead the candidates went back and forth on the issues.

At one point in the debate Hillary was questioned about calling African-Americans “super predators”.

Bernie is often just “cooler”.

Bernie continued going back to Hillary’s support of Wall Street, and asking her to explain the big money that she’s taken for speeches that she won’t release.

And of course, somebody had to bring religion into the conversation. Hillary said that “if she hadn’t been religious when she went into the White House, she would have found God while she was in there.” Bernie was questioned about his Jewish faith, but neither of them had nearly as much to say on the issue of religion as their Republican counterparts who all probably travel with a choir and truckload of bibles.

Most Twitter polls came out showing that Bernie won the debate. That may just be a tribute to the fact that the internet leans a little bit more toward the grandfatherly candidate. And though the material wasn’t all that plentiful, this episode of “funniest tweets from the democratic debate” was still a pretty good one.

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