French Drug Dealers Offer Loyalty Cards

drug loyalty
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Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Some drug dealers in Southern France are doing what they have to do to keep up their sales, even passing out loyalty cards. Basically, when one makes a purchase from this certain dealer they will receive a rewards card. Complete with a product list, hours of operations and a thank you message, the cards are turning a few heads. The move seems odd for illegal activity.

The card is like something you would receive at a coffee shop or ice cream parlor. You know, buy three and get one free. These cards have ten unstamped squares. Once a buyer fills up the boxes with stamps, he will receive a discount on his next purchase.

drug loyalty

This drug dealer certainly has some cajones to pull such a brave stunt. In fact, he talked to a local paper about his business venture.

“It went around on the internet and got a crazy buzz going,” the dealer said. “Now everyone’s coming to the neighbourhood to see it with their own eyes.”

While this is a clever ploy, citizens are not amused. Many have begun a protest, but it doesn’t seem to have much power. The drug trade is a huge problem for the southern port city of Marseille and loyalty cards just seem to be fueling the fire.

But hey, you gotta save money where you can…

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