Fox Channel Asks for Moon Pics; Twitter Responds Hilariously

Y’see, when you’re Fox, you may want to be a little more careful about asking for things from Twitter.

Fox29 in Philadelphia recently tweeted an image of the moon taken from one of their satellites.

Though we’re pretty sure they weren’t expecting what was coming to them.



They wanted moons? Twitter was more than happy to give them moons. Lots and lots of moons.

Many different kinds, too. Athletic ones…

Warren Moon


Religious ones …

“Sun Myung Moon” — look, double celestials!


Conspiracy ones…

Moon Landing conspiracy


Even Hollywood ones.

Soleil Moon Frye


There were moons from the farthest reaches of Deep Space Music.

Blue Moon
Under the Cherry Moon
Keith Moon


There were even delicious ones.

Moon Over Cleveland Sandwich
Moon Pie


And to top it all off, a moon that’s just too sexy for this tweet.

Jackie Moon

We’re actually surprised no one thought of this cutie pie:



Oh Moon, never ever change. Or do, because, y’know, that’s what you do.

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