Foursquare Debuts ‘Comment Now!’ Feature, Delivers ‘Always On’ Friend Check-Ins Regardless Of Distance

Foursquare Always On Feature

Foursquare has rolled out a new feature called Comment Now which allows users to set friend check-in notifications to “Always on” regardless of the Foursquare followers distance from the user.

In a company blog post Foursquare wrote:

“Have friends or family that live in another city, state, or country? Now you can choose to receive notifications when they check in, even if they’re not nearby or you have all check-in notifications turned off. Is your spouse traveling for work? See when he or she arrives at the airport safely. Friends visiting Iceland for a week? Easily keep up with their glacier-climbing, fermented-shark eating adventures.”

If you have turned notifications off but choose the “always on” feature for particular friend you will see there notifications if they are next door or in another country.

Simply go to your friends profile and use the drop-down menu at the top right. Look for the three options for check-in notifications and choose the “always” feature.

What value can you find in the new Foursquare Comment Now! feature.



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